Dinner series: Taste of the world

We started a new tradition in 2016: once a month, we invite you on a journey together with our restaurant’s Chef to become acquainted with the restaurant through the world’s various scents, flavours, dances and melodies.

We invite you to acquaint yourself with various nations’ national cuisine, and try what locals love to eat. We will introduce you to other nations’ culinary history, their characteristic eating methods, traditions, as well as the most frequently used spices and local products.

Try to guess: which country is a culinary super power, in which country no meals take place without saying toasts, from which countries corn and potatoes come, in which country saffron can be found in every kitchen, in which country cheese is served for dessert, what is cocido, and which country has the biggest variety of grapes?

Price: € 48,00 / pers.