Squire’s Suite

The Squire’s Suite is unique in that it was furnished by the Mālpils Manor’s master. Trimmings are the central pieces of the ascetically arranged interior which also features exquisite antique objects and paintings.
  • Suite's size: 37,8 m2
  • Beds: 1

Manor’s Mistresses Suite

One of Mālpils Manor’s mistresses arranged the interior of the Noblewoman’s Suite. Saturated hazy hues contrast with mild pastel-toned textiles thus creating a mysteriously captivating atmosphere in the Suite.
  • Suite's size: 31,2 m2
  • Beds: 1

The Dark Lady’s Suite

The Dark Lady’s Suite was arranged by the Mālpils Manor’s mistress, carefully selecting interior objects to achieve perfection.
  • Suite's size: 27,8 m2
  • Beds: 1