The largest and the grandest hall of Mālpils Manor. The hall got its name from its beautiful, carefully restored parquet flooring. The hall can be used for reception dinner, first dance, wedding ceremony, dancing.

Area: 110 m²
Capacity : 120 people


This hall is situated next to the Great Star Hall and continues its beautiful flooring pattern. There are antique piano, furniture and original works of old masters. The hall can be used for buffet/late meal.

Area: 44 m²
Capacity : 25 people


The hall got its name from its restored historical oak panelled ceiling. The hall has an exit to a spacious outdoor patio. The hall can be used for wedding ceremonies, dancing and activities.

Area: 58 m²
Capacity : 45 people


The hall is located on the 2nd floor, next to the Small Star Hall, and Panel Hall.  The hall features a renovated white tile stove, unique Empire Style servant table and other exquisite furniture. The hall also features luxurious curtains, art objects and paintings. Fireplace Hall will be the perfect place for unhurried talks, celebrations, or celebratory dinners.

Area: 38 m²
Capacity : 20 people


Historical parquet and tiled stove have both been restored in this spacious room, on the second floor, next to the Large Star Hall. Book shelves brought from Belgium and France antique stores are now filled with an impressive collection of books. The walls are lined by original sketches by architect Wilhelm Bockslaff.

Area: 34 m²
Capacity : 15 people


The small Cigar Hall is located on the Manor’s 2nd floor, and it opens up to a spacious winter terrace.
Centuries ago, this would have been the room where men discuss politics while having cigars. As soon as the fireplace is lit up, the hall acquires a cosy and romantic atmosphere.

Area together with terrace: 22 m²


Adorned with Biedermeier furniture, exposed vaults, two original tiled stoves either side of the central doors and art works along the walls. The spacious restaurant is interesting with its exposed ceiling vaults, two tile stoves, as well as Biedermeier Style furniture and ancient artists’ paintings. The restaurant also features a bar. A beautiful view of the Manor’s park, fountain and pond opens up from the restaurant’s terrace.

Area: 100 m²
Capacity : 60 people


This hall is on the first floor of the manor next to the restaurant hall. Its name is indicative of the room’s atmosphere. The interior is adorned by hunting trophies. The walls are lined with elk and stag antlers and bearskins. The hall has become a popular venue for small celebrations.

Area: 48 m²
Capacity : 20 people


The room is adorned by broad arched windows, luxurious curtains in lush tones, fine furniture and beautiful decorative plants that enliven it. The Orangerie reminds you of a castle park on a warm summer day. Located on the first floor of the manor.

Area: 32 m²
Capacity : 10 people